Film Review: Birth of the Dragon

Stepping onto the fight mat to present a pivotal moment in Lee’s story we have director George Nolfi’s ‘Birth of the Dragon’ (2016), which is itself inspired by the supposed events that were the catalyst for Lee deciding to significantly evolve from his traditional fighting style Wing Chun

Car Review: Infiniti Q60S: Coupé de Grace

Coupes are inherently good-looking and, beyond the occasional eccentricity, the Q60’s gorgeous profile and organic lines signal a great return by the niche car maker. The Q60 coupe is based on the Q50 saloon and certainly stands out in its own way.

Film Review: The Shape Of Water

I’ve been a Guillermo Del Toro fan for many years; after seeing Pan’s Labyrinth very late one night I’ve devoured all his films and adored his wonderful nightmare fairy-tale film-scapes.

Beyond The Basics: Going From Mediocre To Master

When it comes to learning a skill like guitar, a lot of people struggle to get past the first few basic steps. As you try to learn, it will become more and more obvious that this sort of field isn’t an easy one, and that you will have to work hard if you want to succeed

Stop Letting Your Car Drain Your Money!

When you first pass your test, nothing seems more exciting or appealing that getting your own car. The thought of having absolute freedom to go anywhere you want is amazing. Your friends are all hyping you up asking you when are going to be getting a car.

Facial Superpowers from BYONIK

It’s February, and you are probably feeling a bit crinkly and your skin needs some overdue TLC. You don’t need an all singing all dancing transformation, you just want to tone and plump and blur some lines after a long cold winter.

Anime That’s Worth Your Time

Anime has been around for a long time, and it has a lot of dedicated fans, but it’s fair to say that it is still something of a cult genre for the most part.

Win a Cine Asia DVD bundle for Wolf Warrior II

To celebrate the release of worldwide box office hit Wolf Warrior II, we have a great pair of films to get you pumped for action, including the original Wolf Warrior and Elite Force: Operation Mekong, plus a limited Wolf Warrior II postcard

Film Review: Early Man

Like one of the best (and slowest) archaeological digs ever, it seems that the creative genius that brought us Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run and the absolute wonderment that is Shaun the Sheep has been unearthed once again.