Win: Vikings – Season 2 on DVD

Vikings – Season 2 arrives on Blu-ray™ and DVD in the UK on 3 November 2014. The hit TV series centers on Ragnar (Travis…


Film: Horns – New Clip

Here is a new clip from Daniel Radcliffe’s latest movie Horns, directed by Alexandre Aja and also starring Juno Temple and Max Minghella, the…


Winter Tryes – To buy or not to buy?

LET’S have a peep into the near future: You wake to find the road outside your home liberally covered in snow – and the imminent drive to work suddenly seems even less inviting than usual.

Film Review: '71

Film Review: ’71

To his absolute credit Demange doesn’t present any side as holding a right or justification to their actions, reason holds no stead in these times.


Sponsored Video: Joop Crazy Night

The lucky chap in this video was whisked away courtesy of Joop! with his partner on a private Jet to Paris, followed by dinner on the Seine, accompanied by their very own Geisha Girls as assistants. What happened after that is anyones guess, but in the capital of romance, it sure beats a cold kebab.

still the enemy within film review 2014

Film Review: Still The Enemy Within

You can tell a lot about an individual with the company they keep, and the ‘friends’ they chose to have around them. If your best friends turn out to be murderous dictators (Pinochet) and one of the most notorious known paedophiles ever in the UK (Savile) you’ll have to forgive my utter contempt for such an individual.