Preview: Eddie The Eagle

Eddie the Eagle is ‘Billy Elliot meets Cool Runnings’ and the true story of Britain’s first ever Olympic Ski jumper Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards and his quest for glory.


The Science of the Movie Screenplay

Besides, a lot of hard, work, sweat, tears, sleepless nights and a not insignificant amount of luck, being a successful movie screenwriter also requires a scientific approach.


Music: Lana Del Rey – Freak

Flush the Fashion was one of the first places to show Lana’s (now) classic ‘Video Games’ video and we also interviewed Lana Del Rey way back in 2011, just before super-stardom beckoned.


FlightHub’s Tales: Surf in Lisbon

Not many people often associate Portugal with surfing. Correction: no lay-man (or lay-surfer) ever thought they could be catching waves off the shores of one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.


Slinkachu – Leisure Facilities For Youths

We featured Slinkachu’s ‘Little People Project’ way back in Jan 2012 and now as part of his participation in POW! POW!, a Hawaian Urban Art Festival the artist know for his depiction of little people living in a big world is releasing a brilliant new print entitled ‘Leisure Facilities For Youths’.


Jason Bourne: First Look

Here’s a (very quick) first look at the forthcoming latest installment in the ‘Bourne’ movie.


Travel: Volks Hotel – Amsterdam

The Volks Hotel in Amsterdam has had an interesting life so far. For 40 years the building was home to Dutch newspaper ‘Volkskrant’ and then in the Summer of 2013 it was converted into a 172-roomed hotel specialising in affordable accommodation and a some-what quirky decor