Travel: Adventures in Thailand

Outside of central Pattaya, the roads get broader, hotels more swanky, the views less obstructed and the pools more incredible. I stayed at the newly built Renaissance Pattaya Hotel, which is a 30 minute drive from the main city, and is a whole world away.

I’m Just a Girl (in Dubai)

3000 miles is a mighty long way to go for a pop concert. But I planned to take in more of Dubai than Gwen Stefani, on my whistle stop visit to the UAE. Indoor snowboarding in 30+ degrees and shopping at the some of the biggest malls known to man, were also on my agenda!

What A Trip To The Country Can Do For You

Visiting the countryside can be beneficial in many ways, and not many of them are superficial. Of course, the general change in pace can truly be relaxing, especially after city living, but is there more to renting a cottage in the rural areas and spending your time away from the majority of the population?

Film, Fondue & Fun in Whistler 2017

As a non skier, I just thought Whistler was going to be a pretty hilly Canadian town which happened to be hosting it’s annual film festival when I visited.

Brilliant Barcelona – From FC to Must See

When you’re travelling on a city break, especially if you’re limited on time,  you want to make the most of your destination so you go home. You don’t want to return, feeling like you may have missed anything and that you made sure you had a real feel for the place.

Weekend Escapes – Lisbon, Portugal

I can’t think of a more perfect antidote to the grey, dark, rainy weather I left back at Stansted Airport. For me that feeling when the sun and cool breeze first hit your face somewhere new is magical and Lisbon is no exception.

Empire State of Dress: What to Wear in NYC

Heading to New York City soon? Lucky you! It’s a city unlike anywhere else in the world, buzzing around the clock from sunrise ‘till sunset and is the scene of many iconic movies and TV shows and inspiration for countless songs.

Nothing Beats Christmas In A New City

All those new festive traditions to immerse yourself in, all that booze that needs to be drunk, all those little streets that have been decorated by twinkling lights, a carpet of snow and a delicious nip in the air. Mmmmm, a Christmas getaway is the best, and here are the best city getaways to revel in:

Travel: Fountainhead Retreat, Malaga

At just 45 minutes from Malaga airport, you can indulge in some serious downtime in a matter of hours. Set in the rural mountains, the fresh air will bring a glow to your cheeks, but in house spa menu treats are worth a peek too.

Pets For People Who Travel A Lot

Having a pet is great but it takes a lot of work. It’s basically like having a kid and you need to be around to look after them. You can’t just leave a dog on its own for a couple of days so people that travel a lot for work often think that pets just aren’t an option for them.

Winter Getaway: Weekend Wonders in Lapland

Just about 3 hours away from London with a quick flight, Luosto in Finland will be calling your name for a few months still. It’s the kind of winter magic we can’t find without going a bit further up north – and when you go far enough, you get to feast your eyes on the magical northern lights while ice fishing or chilling out in the back of a dog sledge.