Sam Law

Music Review – 2000 Trees Festival

BRITISH SUMMERTIME, EH? This time last year the country was awash in mud-stained mess. T In The Park was underwater. Creamfields was cancelled. 2000 Trees – by all reports – was a muck-flinging riot. 12 Months later we’re in the middle of a scorching heatwave. There’s not a cloud in the sky. Facefuls of dust have replaced bootfuls of water. The mercury’s tipping 30 degrees.

Kvelertak with El Doom & The Born Electric and Truckfighters @ Stereo, Glasgow

As Kvelertak take to the high stage and the venue’s bathed in an icy blue glow nearly everyone in attendance is pretty well shitfaced (this is Glasgow on a Saturday night) but there isn’t even a hint of lethargy as wave after wave of energy and aggression sweep through the venue and threaten to tear the place asunder.

Heavy Christmas: A metal weekend in Glasgow

The best of British metal? There’s certainly a case that Brummie bruisers Anaal Nathrakh fit that bill. Riding high on stunning seventh studio album Vanitas, they’ve returned to the UK to level the place

Live Review: Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls

2012 may be the year Frank Turner transcended genre and scene loyalties to become a proper player on the domestic (and global) stage but he’s chosen to finish it off with real class – reaffirming his dedication to his roots and hardcore fans who’ve taken him to where he is today.

Live Review: Trivium @ O2 ABC Glasgow

Early doors mean too many fans arrive just late enough to catch the plaudits for (but not the set of) Upon A Burning Body. Fortunately, German tech-metalcore underdogs Caliban are on hand to lend proceedings some bite.

Live Review: Gallows w/ Feed The Rhino @ King Tut's Glasgow

GALLOWS IS dead. Long live Gallows. If there’s one thing to take from tonight, it’s that – for all their spit and fire – this is not the Gallows of old. They’ve kept the old crowd though. King Tut’s is rammed tonight, and the masses are baying for action.

Live Review: Dragonforce Glasgow

Could Dragonforce bounce back from the body-blow of losing distinctive vocalist? The ABC is a heaving, sweaty mass this autumnal Friday night, the audience are bustling somewhere between excitement and inebriation and one of the UK autumn’s biggest rock tours is already well underway.

Film Review: Looper

“This time travel crap fries your brain like an egg,” gruffs Jeff Daniels’ ageing Mafia boss Abe towards the start of Rian Johnson’sthird directorial offering. It’s as much a mission statement of bold direction as a plot contrivance. Setting himself the challenge of emulating and expanding themes established in genre classics like The Terminator, 12 Monkeys and – seriously – Back to the Future, Johnson has intricately assembled a clockwork vehicle that’s very nearly up to the task.

Win tickets to see Dragonforce Live in the UK!

It’s been a while since Dragonforce properly toured these shores, but the International shred machine return at the end of this month; hunger for performance to be sated and points to be proven.

Enter Shikari / Flood of Red: Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh

Eight hundred-odd punters have rammed themselves into this heaving, long sold-out sweatbox just off Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and though it’s a Monday night at summer’s end, it’s hard to escape the feeling (and constant chatter) that we’re attending the gig of the year.

Preview: Wickerman Festival

Returning for its 11th year, Scotland’s Wickerman Festival must sport one of the UK’s most eclectic and characteristic celebrations of live music.

Film Review: The Innkeepers

West had proven himself a major new talent in horror by the frantic closing reel of his slay-tanic debut The House Of The Devil. Here, we see him cut loose. Drawing his palette from not-quite-vintage horror we get menace beneath the floorboards, restless souls of lovers scorned and the deserted 80s interiors of The Overlook. If his building had an elevator, it would bleed.