Hyundai i30 Tourer Premium 1.6 CRDi A/T

A few months ago I had spent an enjoyable week in the company of the larger i40 Tourer, so I was eager to run the rule over the estate’s smaller sibling, a Premium 1.6 CRDi A/T, on behalf of Flush.

Chvrches – The Bones Of What You Believe

Remember the chillwave explosion? How about all the dance-pop groups of the mid-to-late 2000s? And then the Hives, the Vines, etc…? Yeah, it’s been difficult to watch, to put it lightly. But every so often, an act comes along that appears to have struck the right balance between the buzz and realistic side of being part of the game these days.

Film Review: The Rise

As someone born in Liverpool, who spent 17 years of their life living in Manchester and Sheffield, I am able to confirm that the menfolk of the north can get a bit, well, silly when it comes to their mates.

Film Review: The Call

It’s Die Hard in a call centre. No, wait. It’s Speed in a car boot, and Halle Berry is Keanu, Abigail Breslin is Sandra Bullock, and the mobile phone is Jeff Daniels. Or something.

What’s for sure is that The Call is a marvel of a high camp thriller, destined to be lovingly parodied and ironically adored for its myriad preposterous moments and, especially, Berry’s central turn as 911 operator Jordan Turner.

Film Review: InRealLife

The Four Megabytes of the Apocalypse It’s been a stellar year for documentaries coming from all corners of the globe. With the constantly evolving,…

The Weeknd- Kiss Land

Kiss Land could have easily relied on the vocals to sell itself (Tesfaye possesses one of the finest voices around) but it’s the unorthodox production that really sets it apart. In one of his rare interviews The Weeknd speaks of the album being about not being comfortable where you are and it being a “terrifying place”.

Film Review: A Belfast Story

He might have the dirty mac and some of the same letters in his name, but Star Trek and Alpha Papa actor Colm Meaney delivers a pretty feeble Columbo routine in A Belfast Story, the feature debut from writer-director Nathan Todd.

Roger Waters – The Wall: Wembley Stadium 2013

Today’s re-imagining of ‘The Wall’ by it’s protagonist and creator, Roger Waters is a completely different beast. The original 1979 concept was based mainly around the whimsical dilemmas faced by your average millionaire rockstar, in 2013 ‘The Wall’ has matured into a fully blown anti-war statement that embraces the entire world.

Film Review: Rush

Having seen the trailer for Ron Howard’s torque strewn homage to 1970s Formula One racing, I wasn’t that revved. To my non petrol-head it looked like the Wachowski siblings ’Speed Racer’, but passed through the retro filter of soft focus Playboy Vaseline lensed footage, as opposed to the retina burning digital clarity of ’Racer’. So the idea of going down this memory track and it’s many laps weren’t helping at all. How wrong I was.

Frightfest 2013: In Fear

In Fear, the debut feature from British director Jeremy Lovering, is cut from similar cloth to James Watkins’ gruelling Eden Lake.