DVD Review: Waking Life

Those who know Richard Linklater’s work will be familiar with his love of dialogue (ALOT of dialogue) and his constant quest for exploration and understanding of the human condition.

Film Review: The Club

And on the eight day God created Sin. From that new heady vantage of deception on the ninth day he created Business.

Preview: Lego Batman Movie – new trailer

You’ll have to wait until next year, but info on the much anticipated follow up to the MASSIVE hit that was the LEGO Movie, LEGO Batman™ Movie is already beginning to surface.

ETO Jeans

Now whilst the exuberant styles are great for adding a bit of dash and daring to a day, sometimes it’s just as nice to be able to relax in a good old white tee and jeans combo.

Food: Zima, London

Stepping out of my (fake) fur coat, I nestled into the basement venue, below Ronnie Scotts Jazz club in Soho, on one of our freshest evenings this year, to sample the new menu, pre the official launch on 31st March.

Food: House of Ho, Fitzrovia London

Situated over 3 levels on the corner of Percy Street, around the back of Tottenham Court Road in Fitzrovia, the House of Ho is in one of my favourite areas of London.

HIgh Rise Film REview

Film Review: High-Rise

We are all effectively lab rats for the few years we get to exist. That’s not to belittle existence, it is after all somewhat amazing and I highly recommend it.

Film Review: Anomolisa

Unlike the majority of his characters in his compelling, intelligent and poignant new movie ‘Anomalisa’, (2015) Charlie Kaufman (he wrote and co-directed) is most definitely not like everybody else.

CLEANIN’ UP THE TOWN: Remembering Ghostbusters

If you are old enough to remember the excitement surrounding the original Ghostbusters movies (My brother had a mate who gave us a dodgy bootleg/pirate version of the first movie on VHS when I was at school) then you’ll be excited to hear about this Kickstarter Documentary ‘Cleanin Up the Town’.