Glastonbury Emerging Talent Day 3

Glastonbury Emerging Talent Part 3: Today we feature ‘A Boy Called Doris’, ‘Edinburgh School for the Deaf’, The Little Unsaid and Spotlight Kid.

Everyday Sunshine: The story of Fishbone

Without Fishbone your record collection would be a much duller place. Everyday Sunshine is a stunning new documentary about the best Funk / Metal / Jazz / Rock / Dance band on the planet.

Stillman Brown – Red Zeppelin

There can’t be many nicer ways to spend you life than growing wine in California and organising the odd party. We ask Stillman Brown.

X-Man John Kennedy

If you live in London and like music you will know about John Kennedy. XFM’s late night DJ LOVES music and his live ‘Exposure’ nights are the hottest tickets in town.

Esther Ku – Orgasmic Girl

Flush the Fashion shoot the breeze with the ‘Asian Sarah Silverman’, Esther Ku. Smart, funny and good looking (if only she could cook!)