Heads Up: Annette Obrestad

On September 17th 2007 Annette won the World Series of Poker Main event one day before her 19th birthday. She took home a millions dollars. We go heads up.

Anni Rossi – Out in the fields

‘Heavy Meadow’ her new record has been on our stereo all week. The classically trained mutli-instrumentalist has taken her songwriting to a new level.

DR Gangrene – Chiller Cinema

Award winning TV Horror Host Dr Gangrene has been broadcasting his strange blend of film reviews, interviews, and er.. stuff since 1999. He invited Flush the Fashion down into his cellar for a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Glastonbury Emerging Talent Final Day

In our final day Soundproof, Leaving Atlantis, Louise and the Pins and My First Tooth. PLUS Check out ALL 28 bands from our week of Glastonbury Emerging Talent List

Glastonbury Emerging Talent Day 6

In our last but one guide to the best of the Glastonbury Emerging Talent longlist we feature Vetoes, Laurie Cameron, Grace Petrie and The Greeting Committee.

Glastonbury Emerging Talent Day 5

Day 5 of our Glastonbury Emerging Talent Longlist with top new music from Datadrip, My Tiger My Timing, Hoover Manouveres (Featuring – Kal Lavelle) and Napoleon IIIrd

Glastonbury Emerging Talent Day 4

Best new music from the Glastonbury 2011 Emerging Talent longlist. FT. YULT feat.Tanya Auclair, The Kindling, Hysterical Injury and Perhaps Contraption.