Henry McMunn

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

If you’ve stuck around here a long time and read my review of last year’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you’ll know I absolutely bloody loved the tactical top-down squad shooter, and in fact I still hold it up as 2012’s best game by quite a margin.

Review: Dead Island Riptide

If the question is ‘what’s more fun that bashing a zombie’s head in?’, it’s true that the correct answer is ‘bashing zombies’ heads in with friends’.

Bioshock Infinite Review

The first half hour is enough; after continuing the Bioshock tradition of journeying to a new world by means of a mysterious lighthouse, just wandering round the turn-of-the-century floating city of Columbia is an experience I found on par with exploring Fallout 3’s Megaton – you’ll have to trust that’s high praise from me.

Metro: Last Light Hand-on Preview

In a world devastated by endless rehashes and sequels of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic first person shooters, it always surprises me that I have such a soft spot for 4A Games’ Metro 2033.

Gaming: Dead Island Riptide Preview

There isn’t a ‘2’ bunged on the end of the title, as Riptide isn’t quite intended to be a full-blown sequel, but rather a ‘next installment’ which aims to iron out the bumps and tighten up the loose screws of the original Dead Island format.

Game Review: Halo 4

How could they bring the franchise back to its glory days? How could they capture the old magic? Well, it seems a miracle has occurred – my faith is restored.

Highlights: Gamescom 2012

I can’t deny, as a gamer, I’ve been a little bored recently. The last few months have been a bit of a dry spell, so I packed my bags and made my way to Cologne, Germany to visit Gamescom, the biggest games trade fair in the world. Just like the scorching 36-degree weather in Cologne, the forecast for the gaming industry is good.

Game Review: Darksiders 2

Once the world’s ended, that’s it, right? Not necessarily, as Vigil Games have somehow managed to continue this orgy of violence and damnation in Darksiders II, a follow-up in which you play as Death, brother of War, attempting to reverse the damage and bring humanity back. Even more surprisingly, they made it work.

Tech Review – Tritton Detonator Headset

There’s something very attractive about Tritton headsets that’s rather hard to place. While I’ve been a long-term user of the Turtle Beach X11s as an all-purpose headset, a set of Trittons definitely seems to ooze ‘made for gaming’ in every part of its being.