Why are Celebrity Slot Games So Popular?

Slots have always been one of the most popular casino games- there are no two ways to it. After all, they are cheap, require little thought and strategy, and greatly rely on luck or fate, which ultimately make them an excellent game for gambling.

Women Are As Hot on Games as Men: Why More Women Are Now into Gaming

ack in 2010, Forbes published an article which essentially blew the all-male gamer stereotype out of the window. Citing stats from IBM’s Serious Games Group such as “38% of console gamers” and “43% of PC gamers” are women, the piece not only went against what many thought was the grain, but proved that gaming was fashionable.

Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide by 888casino

Online gaming has grown massively since its early inception and along with Poker, Blackjack is one of the most popular games. Ok, so everyone knows that the house has the edge, but did you know that there is a way of playing that can actually reduce that house edge to just 1%?

Review: Top Eleven 2015 (iOS)

Top Eleven is a bit like owning a pet, there’s reward in it for sure, but without your constant attention things can quickly go a bit pear-shaped. And that’s where the possible problem lies. Playing on iOS you can choose either iPhone or iPad simultaneously, which is helpful yet annoying.


Sponsored Video: FIFA 15

Now I’m a fully grown adult, I’m no longer able to rely on Father Christmas to be the bearer of wonderous gifts.

the Sims 4

Sponsored Video: The Sims 4

February 2000, the first ever Sims game is released onto an unsuspecting world. In less than two years it sells 11.3 million copies and becomes the worlds most successful video game, changing the simulation game forever and entering popular culture in the process.

Game Review: Teslagrad

When it comes to puzzle games, especially ones involving platforming, the ones I found to be the most enjoyable are ones with one consistent element, or mechanic.

Game Review: Freedom Planet

Game Review: Freedom Planet

I admit, I have a fondness for platformers, but there has always been something I’ve noticed; they’re either too easy that you can blaze through faster than Eric Pickles at an all-you-can-eat buffet, or so difficult that the chances of a rage induced aneurism are increased tenfold.

Games vs Movies [Infographic]

When it comes to the world of Entertainment the two big-hitters Movies and VideoGames are neck and neck. But which one comes out on top? Check out the infographic to find out.

EA SPORTS UFC's Gameplay Series, Bruce Lee

Sponsored Video: EA SPORTS UFC

Bruce Lee has to be THE most famous martial arts star of all-time. His US crossover movies including ‘Enter the Dragon’ and ‘The Big…