Game Review: Once Upon a Monster

For those gamers among you looking for a thrill a minute, white knuckled, adrenaline fuelled, mind blowing monster of a game, please stop reading this now. In fact if you don’t have kids you might as well stop reading this too… or an Xbox.. or a Kinect.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Released on Boxing Day, I’m interested in watching this mainly because it was directed by Pixar graduate Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Up), and it will be interesting to see how his comic book style adapts from computers to real people.

Halloween Zombie T-Shirts from the Crypt

It’s nearly Halloween. You know that time of the year when all the kids dress up as witches and ghouls and zombies and you have to turn all the lights off and pretend you are not in. We have 2 suitably ghoulish zombie T-shirts up for grabs.

Interview with the artist John Fekner

While Andy Warhol spent the 70′s turning Art into a business, John Fekner’s work transcended art galleries and ‘hip scenes’, existing in the real world and touching the lives of normal people.

I, Partridge. We need to talk about Alan.

Alan Partridge is a survivor, he’s looked out into oblivion and even dangled a smartly polished brogue over the edge. For the first time ever he reveals all in a new book, I, Partridge. We need to talk about Alan.

Footloose: Rebel with a Cause

Literally four beats into the opening titles, with the original title music blasting out to a new selection of dancing shoes, I was a kid again, grinning away & wanting to get up and dance.