Sponsored Video: Lexus + Will.I.Am #thatPOWER has always been a bit of a geek. Way before he sat on a revolving chair on ‘The Voice’ techno giants Intel Corp employed him as ‘Director of creative innovation’, which sounds like a pretty fun title for a musician.

Pepsi Max – Genius. #LiveForNow

Sponsored Video: Pepsi Max – Genius. #LiveForNow

When I was a kid we all used to meet up in the park near to my house after school for a game of footie. Usually there would be about 30 tearaways on each team and we’d make extra big goals (with jumpers) with two keepers in each one.

KS Swim SS15

Here’s a first look at KS Swims latest Spring / Summer 2105 collection. Made in Australia the new Swimwear label is the brainchild of Croatian born, Karla Špetić. By using photographic prints in her collections Karla’s goal is to capture the beauty we often overlook, right in front of us.

Nivea Sun

Sponsored Video – Nivea Sun

For some strange reason many people in the UK prefer to enjoy the Christmas holidays on a beach in the sun, surrounded by bikinis, beach balls and cold beers.

G Shock Casio

Sponsored Video: Casio G-Shock – Never Give Up

It might be an obvious cliché, but there’s no such thing as a fast-track to success and you’ll usually find the typical ‘overnight’ sensation has put in a lot of dedication to get to that ‘night before’ stage.