The Really Really Amazing Spider-Man

In a great deal of superhero movies, evolution is everything, and Marc Webb’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is a higher state of being, and a brilliant addition on this the 50th anniversary of Spidey’s birth.

Lamborghini Uncovered: A moving museum in London

Highlights from the show include a classic 350 GT, a Countach 25th Anniversary Edition) and a Miura P 400 SV. Not forgetting the slightly more modern Aventador LP700-4, and a very nice Lamborghini Gallardo.

Film Review: Rock of Ages

The story begins with Sherrie (Julianne Hough) on her first night in LA to begin a career as a singer, after stepping off the bus she meets Drew (Diego Boneta), also a singer, working in the famous Bourbon Bar in Hollywood, a vibrant, extravagant and notorious music venue and club.

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre – Ragtime

Regents Park gem, nestled away in the inner circle behind the boating lakes, bandstands and the siege of herons lining up like guardsman, is the historical Open Air Theatre, whose original airing was in 1932. Suddenly a twinkling of fairy lights appears and you feel like your entering something private and magical.

Kapow – Comic Convention 2012

Kapow! is such a wonderfully embracing/encouraging environment where the guests speakers are often meeting people who in turn inspired them in their youth. Access to some of the worlds greatest artists was readily available, and there were many portfolios being nervously examined throughout the venue.

Flush Magazine #1

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or two you may not have heard about our latest edition of Flush Magazine, over 100 pages of great interviews, exciting features, reviews and competitions.

Mobile App: Get Taxi

The app picks up your location and then you simply press “get taxi”, within seconds you receive a real time countdown (less than two minutes in this case) and the name and photo of the driver. This is a great safety feature for those travelling alone given illegal car services.

Mike Watt – On and Off Bass

Mike Watt’s photos are the poetry of San Pedro…every time he goes out on that kayak he comes back with gold. These gorgeous images paired with the raw reflections of 3 decades on the road are sure to blow the minds of all who love punk rock and our beloved vision questing troubadour. – Jack Black

The meat in the sandwich: SEIBEI

David Murray is a self-taught illustrator and since 2006, the brains behind SEIBEI, a brilliant, independent, one man clothing company. His T-shirts are popular all over the world and are regularly seen on TV and in the movies. We have 2 to give away.

Film Review: Elles

In Elles, Juliette Binoche plays Anne, a journalist for Elle magazine in Paris. She undertakes a job investigating prostitution amongst female students struggling to pay their tuition fees.

Film Review: The Lucky One

If ‘The Lucky One’ film was a drink, it’d be a pastel pink milkshake. Unashamedly sugary, a little bit slushy and reassuringly comforting.