The Most Fashionable Casinos

Las Vegas may be the gambling center of the world with casinos on every step, but the most fashionable casinos are located in Europe….

Women Are As Hot on Games as Men: Why More Women Are Now into Gaming

ack in 2010, Forbes published an article which essentially blew the all-male gamer stereotype out of the window. Citing stats from IBM’s Serious Games Group such as “38% of console gamers” and “43% of PC gamers” are women, the piece not only went against what many thought was the grain, but proved that gaming was fashionable.

Instagram: Just for men – Control GX

After over 4000 volunteers and more than eight years of research and testing, Just for Men – the world experts in men’s hair care have released Control GX – a Grey reducing shampoo and it’s now available in the UK at Boots, Superdrug and other Independent Pharmacies.

Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide by 888casino

Online gaming has grown massively since its early inception and along with Poker, Blackjack is one of the most popular games. Ok, so everyone knows that the house has the edge, but did you know that there is a way of playing that can actually reduce that house edge to just 1%?

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Sponsored Video: Life, by Okinawa

Sometimes it feels like we’re on a never-ending cycle of work, internet and emails. Everyone in the UK seems to spend every moment plugged into one device or another and it’s easy to forget that there is life out there beyond these shores and screens

Health: The Injectables Handbook

Injectables: If you don’t yet know someone who’s tried them, you will soon enough. But if you haven’t experienced the results for yourself, you may still have questions.

Hotspots for 2017: Where You Should Be Looking to Book

Hotspots for 2017: Where You Should Be Looking to Book

Picture the scene – you have a brand new gym membership, your enthusiasm for exercise is at an all-time high and you can't wait to get started. There's perhaps still one significant choice you have to make – how much should you spend on your workout clothes?

Fashion – Converse: Hipster or Heritage?

Older than Disney World, Coca Cola in a can, the CIA, and the internet – in 2017, the Converse All Star turns 100 years old. All Stars, also known as Chuck Taylors (or even just Chucks), began life as a men’s basketball shoe. A century later, you’ll find a pair of Chucks in men’s and women’s closets alike. They’re a must-have. They’re a fashion staple.