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Movie Review: Casino (1996)

Based on a book by Nicholas Pileggi who himself had a fair share of experience with the mob as he was with a man who ran four casinos, Casino takes you closer to the horrid yet awe-inspiring Mafia culture in Las Vegas.

LIFX smart bulbs – Let there be light

As it’s a brand new year and on the first day God said “Let there be light”, I thought the first ‘Smart’ thing to get fixed up would be the lighting in the new house.

Film, Fondue & Fun in Whistler 2017

As a non skier, I just thought Whistler was going to be a pretty hilly Canadian town which happened to be hosting it’s annual film festival when I visited.

Brilliant Barcelona – From FC to Must See

When you’re travelling on a city break, especially if you’re limited on time,  you want to make the most of your destination so you go home. You don’t want to return, feeling like you may have missed anything and that you made sure you had a real feel for the place.

Prepping Your Car For A Road Trip

It doesn’t matter whether you want to explore the Rocky Mountain trails or take up on The Great Ocean Road, a road trip is an exciting adventure.

Film Review – Bingo: The King of the Mornings

There might be a picture of a kid’s clown on the poster for truly excellent ‘Bingo: The King of the Mornings’ (2017), but this definitely isn’t one for all the family to sit round watching after Christmas dinner