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Xmas Ideas: Pocket Beer Book 3rd Edition

The Indispensable Guide To The World’s Beers


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Christmas Gift Ideas: Glen Scotia Whisky

Single Malt Scotch Whisky has a special reputation all around the world and Glen Scotia founded in 1832 is one of only 3 remaining Distilleries in Campbeltown (Wee Toon) still in production today.

Car Review: Hyundai IONIQ Electric

I’m reviewing this all electric Hyundai Ioniq in the same week that Elon Musk and Tesla have announced their latest vehicle. It was also…

Music Review: Bully – Losing

Anyone who has paid attention to the deplorable state of affairs that is currently being exposed throughout so called Tinsel-Town at the present moment will hopefully have also noticed the fantastic, if extremely difficult, uncomfortable, selfless and personal emotively exposing tales of women who have been treated disgracefully by peers and those who wave power like a phallic carrot.

Smeg: Any colour as long as it’s…. white?

If you think back not too long ago, EVERY single kitchen appliance on the planet was white, white and more white. And then came SMEG with its 50’s retro designed fridges and kitchen appliances with a bold splash of red, yellows and sky blue. They ripped up the rule book and kitchens were fun, kids laughed and cookies were baked!