Film: The Pyramid Texts

reviewed by Steve Clarke

Travel: Is Nevis the Next Big Thing?

By Sara Darling


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I am not your negro film review april 2017

Film Review: I Am Not Your Negro

I’m sure like many a soul who is fortunate enough to happen upon the quite exceptional new documentary by seasoned director Raoul Peck ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ (2016) won’t be aware of the voice, words and actions of it’s subject, the equally eminent ringmaster of storytelling (in this case via words) James Baldwin.

Book Review: Alan Kitching – A Life in Letterpress

Considering the vast majority of artist and master letterpress typographer/designer Alan Kitching’s life has been very well and tastefully spaced around the world of type, it seems almost a disservice to try and attempt to use words on a computer screen to talk or indeed rightfully celebrate him.

Tipping: The End of Meal Minefield

You’ve been out for a lovely meal with your friends and you’ve just asked for the bill when the age-old debate arises; should you all split the bill and add a little extra as a tip?

Win ‘Lionsgate Comedy DVD Bundle’ DVD Bundle

Swiss Army Man creates a world like no other – a place of pure fantastical imagination, brimming with magical realism yet featuring two characters whose dreams and fears are entirely relatable.

Film Review - Neruda 2017

Film Review: Neruda

Set in 1948 Chile, the times are changing daily. The USA is flexing it’s might and characteristically instigating regime change in any country it sees fit, to serve it’s own purpose.

Film Review: The Proud Valley

Depending on your knowledge of the late actor Paul Robeson, it will no doubt have an effect of your experience of this latest gem from the STUDIOCANAL movie colliery. ‘The Proud Valley’ (1940) stars the American actor and renowned bass singer who had the stature of Mohammed Ali in his prime, but rather than hitting with his fists, he knocked people out with the power and depth of his voice, it’s stunning.