White Arrows

It’s strange but some of the most New York sounding bands are coming out of LA at the moment. Here is White Arrows, and while immediate reference points could take in The Strokes and their ilk, the band are not so easy to pin down. Despite becoming an increasingly popular live act on the LA music scene they have still yet (apart from an EP) to release a ‘proper’ record.

Who is in the band?
Mickey Schiff, Henry Schiff, JP Caballero, Rob Banks, Steven Vernet

How long have you been together?
All our lives. band started a year in 2009 though i reckon.

When are we going to see an official White Arrows long player available?
We’re midway through our very first full length, and couldn’t be more excited about it.  We should be done with it by the end of the month.  I don’t know when it’ll come out though. Hopefully soon. RAC and us have been working together on the full length, and we’re taking it to the electrotripped out realm.

Is it true your singer Mickey Schiff was blind until he was 11?
100% true.

I love the Springsteen Cover, is he an influence? Who are you musical heroes?

thank you, and he’s definitely an idol. Along with Fleetwood Mac who we also payed homage to in a cover (save me a place). We have many musical heroes, and many visual influences as well.

Most memorable gig up to now?
Probably during our trip to New York.  A bunch of people at the show were under the influence of something and really wilding out.  I’m not promoting drug use, but it definitely added to the vibe.

What is the LA music scene like at the moment? Are there any other new bands we should look our for?
It’s exciting. Feel like there’s a great show to see every night. Almost overwhelming, and it spans all genres. Superhumanoids (melodic electronic pop vibe), The Franks (punk when punk was good), Vanaprasta (self proclaimed guitar wave), Lord Huron (really awesome world music vibe), Odd Future (Henry’s friends who are making really interesting rap), Future Ghosts, Haim, Blake Mills, The Damn Sons, Boogie Boyz, Fim, Io Echo, Chief, Giant Drag and Dawes (folk vibes). Every genre under the sun.

Any plans to tour the UK?
Yes. Going to be releasing something there very soon. We can’t wait to go.. We’ve never been there before.

Who would you rather be stuck in a lift with Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga?

Funny you mention that, but probably Lady Gaga. We have some thing’s to discuss.

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There is a ton of White Arrows music to check out on the official White Arrows bandcamp site. whitearrows.bandcamp.com

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