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One of the best things about Flush the Fashion is discovering new talent and being able to spread the word. Flush the Fashion was the first publication to interview Lana Del Ray, we also got the scoop on French Wonderkid Madeon.

Our latest tip is Sarah Young, a British Producer/ DJ / musician combining elements of Moombah, reggae, bhangra, grime, soca and pop to come up with a sound quite unlike anyone else on the Global Bass scene. On her latest EP she’s been collaborating with Kanary Diamonds & Kelow, and Slick & Lex One…. I’ve heard she cooks a pretty mean muffin too…

Sarah Young Interview

Do you come from a musical background?
Yes, my mother was the one in the family that played all the instruments. I grew up where there were a few parties a week at the house, loads of family and friends and food.. And music! My mum even came into my primary school and taught the kids music for fun. I’ve also been playing the drums since I was eight.

What is the first music you heard that you can remember really having an effect on you?
Classical. My parents encouraged my artistic side when I was young and I loved to dance so I used to spend hours prancing and twirling around the house in my tutu to Mozart. I remember being incredibly deeply moved when I listened to this, even when I was 3 or 4, I felt the music in my heart.

How did you get into recording and DJ’ing?
It’s so funny, taking about being a child has made me remember I was given this tape recorder when I was about 5 or 6 and recently my dad found a cassette of a recording I had made. I had totally created a made up radio show where I was doing introductions to songs, sharing my thoughts on life and music, even at points singing myself. It was hilarious but also made me remember my love of music from the start. I was also a chatter box so I think that’s where the passion for radio comes in.

It was after I finished my degree at LCf I had been djing part-time, and when I finished education I realised that if given the choice music was not something I could live without and so I felt compelled to make a decision to dedicate my whole life to that. Producing was a natural progression and a next level creative release for me.

Sarah Young InterviewHas being female been an advantage or disadvantage to your career so far?
We still live in a society where men are favoured over women, anyone who denies this is ignorant. There is not one minute that I don’t thank God that I was born in a family that practised gender equality and a location and era where I was born free.

Security guards at clubs not believing I’m the Dj and people expecting me to make “mellow” music because I am a woman does not compare to the daily humiliating and desperate situations sisters face all over the world. Some women are still not allowed to drive, so no, I do not think I have an disadvantage, definitely not in my ability.

What is in your DJ set up, do you use any additional sequencers, controllers etc?
Yes sir. I used to like to keep it simple and turn up to gigs with a heavy case of CDs but nowadays I used Ableton with the aid of an apc 40 which allows you to live remix edit and sample, some old Skool djs look at my set up as if it were a Terrifying alien lol

Are you happier in the studio, rather than DJ’ing?
yes. Happiest when the track I’ve been working on is on the brink of being finished, that feeling when you know you’ve got it right..

How did you get together with all the different collaborators on your EP?

What other DJ / Producers do you admire?
Really into Hudson Mohawke at the moment. I like that experimental non genred sound.

Who would you most like to work with in the future?
Diplo and Switch, there are loads of people out there!

Where do you want to be in five years time?
Signed, making music , playing all over the world, radio, my own businesses. Married to a lovely man? Lol

‘The Chant’ EP is out now.
For more info on Sarah visit her website
Or follow her on Twitter @sarah_young

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