Recipe: Caramelized bread and fruit sticks

BBQ’ing for Chicks
Summer just started and that means lots of BBQ parties!
 We all know already how much guys like to take control, play with the coal, make the fire and display manliness by cooking meat…but what about us, girls?

BBQ’ing can also be chic, feminine and fruity!
….Here’s a quick dessert idea I got from my mother in law last Sunday during a Father’s Day BBQ party.

Caramelized bread and fruit sticks
Some wooden or bamboo sticks
Pieces of bread (preferable in a cube shape, around 2cm size)
Your favorite fruits! (We used apples, pineapple, mango)
Corn oil

fruit BBQ recipe

Start by chopping the fruits into medium pieces, these will all go into the sticks.
Take your bread cubes and pass them through the oil, the idea is not to soak them in oil, but to slightly wet them in it. Now cover them with some sugar on all sides.

Make the fruit sticks by combining some of the bread cubes with the fruit pieces.
These will go in the BBQ once it is set off (all the meat has been cooked) and remain in the heat for around 15 minutes.

You’ll notice the bread pieces have developed a golden, caramelized, slightly hard coat.
My favorite fruit out of the bunch was the apple.

Serve with some ice cream for a refreshing touch.

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