Five Reasons to Buy an Xbox ONE

The Xbox One is here and just in time for the last post to Santa Claus. If you’re still looking for a good reason to put one on your Christmas list, ACE gamer Luke Lavelle has come up with five.


Apps-olutely Fabulous
The Xbox One features a vast amount of apps coupled with a built-in Blu- ray player, Sky’s live TV and the use of Snap! a new feature allowing gamers to game and sports, movie or music lovers to watch & listen to their favourites simultaneously with a simple voice command. If you’re stuck on certain parts of a game you can browse the web and get help too.


Bundled with a shiny new Kinect device, this revamped piece of hardware has much improved recognition sensors for greater accuracy, making it a powerful aid for gaming, entertainment, and if you jump around long enough, even weight loss.


The Power of the Cloud

With games becoming more advanced, so the servers and technology behind them must adjust to meet ever increasing demands. The Cloud offers both developers and players the freedom of hosted gaming, better matchmaking and a broader more equal playing field than ever before.


One plus one
Smartglass is great on the 360, and with Xbox One you’ll have even more control. You don’t even need a Windows tablet or phone either, downloading one of the Apps will turn your Android mobile or iPad into a connected companion device, adding multi layers of additional interactivity and content.


and finally... the Games
The list of essential Xbox One games grows daily and with the extra processing power available, developers are really flexing their 5polygon muscles. If you’ve seen or played Forza 5, FIFA 14 or Battlefield 4 on the new console, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you’ve got kids ‘Zoo Tycoon’ (Frontier Developments) is something they will love and potential Call of Duty replacement, Titanfall coming in early 2014 is expected to be HUGE.

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