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Nana Fink is a relative newbie to the jewellery scene, although she is making waves with the London fashionistas by selling her latest collection at the Paul Smith flagship store in Mayfair.

nana fink 2015

Heavy metal jewellery with a hard edge is becoming more popular, as is layering and clashing your metals! Nana works from Basel in Switzerland and has her finger on the international pulse. Her handmade designs take inspiration from everything around her, and although not classically trained as a jeweller, (she has a degree in Clinical Psychology,) she has comes from an artisan background and has always been creative.

nana fink 2015

Her first two collections are borne from her love of antiques. Passionate about period furniture and vintage jewellery, she immersed herself in museums and antique stores and architecture. Moving to the States to work as a psychologist, it was easy for her to soak up inspiration from New York City’s extensive array of Art Deco buildings. She took this inspiration and began creating statement pieces for herself.

This swiftly led to commissions for friends and a big confidence boost. Her first collection Sophistiquee was introduced and contained bold, chunky cuffs and rings which look old but have a modern twist.

nana fink 2015

Nana’s next collection was the one which launched her into the Press. Inspired by a magical world, it is based on a mystical lion. Stating that during her teenage years, she spent a lot of time doodling, and one memorable image was of her metamorphosing into a lion-child, and that has stayed with her as a guardian angel. With lions representing strength, elegance and passion, this is the perfect symbol for the ‘Loewenkind” woman.

nana fink 2015

Her third collection ‘Adoree’ is a fusion of spiky red gold, solid silver and diamond bangles, rings and earrings. The focal point is the pyramid shape, which created individually, provide an edgy shape, which is perfect for stacking. With Cara Delevigne as her dream customer, spikes, pyramids and lions could soon be in fashion!

nana fink 2015

It’s hard to choose a favourite – can I have one from each season please?
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Sara Darling, is Fashion and Content Editor of 55Factory, a freelance stylist and fashion, lifestyle and travel writer.

Having worked with a cross section of celebrities including Ana Matronic, Alexandra Burke, Eliza Doolittle, Craig Roberts and Will Poulter as well as for Channel 5’s CBB and E! Entertainment, she also regularly shoots fashion both here and abroad.
Her commercial clients include Reebok, Gossard, Godiva and Foot Locker and an array of videos ranging from The Arctic Monkeys, The Freemasons, VV Brown and Vanquish.

No stranger to the media, Sara was featured in a ‘Women in Fashion’ TV documentary on Sky and participated in Twiggy’s reality show “Frock Swap” show on BBC2, gaining the top title “Top of the Frocks”; She has also been filmed for a “A day in the Life” for cable TV.

With her written work featured in Fault, Drafted, Beige and MSN Style, you can follow her on twitter @fashion_darling

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