Travel: Is Nevis the Next Big Thing?

Apparently, the tiny island of Nevis is the deserted playground of the rich and famous, and is where celebrities are said to come and chill out. Allegedly some of the large houses in the hills are owned by A-list sun seekers, who only come over for two weeks a year, zipping in via private jet (natch).

Amsterdam Light Festival 2017

Amsterdam Light Festival 2017

The City of Amsterdam, with its museums, history and culture is a special enough place to visit any time of the year, but add…

Travel: Get into the Swing of Budapest

Created in derelict apartments, warehouses and factory buildings which were destined for destruction, they have not so much been lovingly restored, but taken over by the cool kids, and not one is the same.

Travel & Music: Festival No6, Wales

Fortuitously I was banking on the former when I confirmed I was going to Festival No 6 in North Wales. Anything in the vicinity of Wales, whatever time of year has the promise of rain. So even though, the friends who convinced me to make the six-and-a-half-hour drive told me it had been eternal sunshine last year, I was sceptical. And rightly so.

Travel: Sziget Festival, Budapest

If you have never been to Budapest, there is no better time than now!

A bold statement, but I can speak from personal experience that you will not be disappointed. If you are seeking art, culture, food or fashion, it has it all…It even has easy to navigate trams, a plethora of open air spas and of course the famous goulash stew.