Food: Afternoon Tea @Town House Kensington, London

Afternoon tea is one of those decidedly British things to indulge in – after all, there is not much wrong with the world that cannot be solved with a well-timed cup of tea and a piece of cake to wash it down with.

Food: Proper Corn – Crunch Corn

Once upon a time there were 3 snacks… Crunchy crisps, nutty nuts and poppy corn. They all lived happily in the same town together….

Food: Theo’s Simple Italian, London – Weekend Brunch

At this time of year there’s not many better things to do on a Sunday lunchtime than relax, get cosy, eat drink and be merry and for lovers of fabulous Italian food Theo Randall’s Simple Italian based at Hotel Indigo Kensington is becoming the new brunch-time weekend Mecca.

Food: Popularity of Spicy Food Keeps Heating Up

ne trend that has been rocking the food world in the past few years is the increased popularity of spicy food, and the skyrocketing levels of heat. Pepper growers are constantly trying to one up each other to see who can develop the spiciest fruit, and we’re starting to go beyond daredevil edibles and into chemical warfare.

Recipe: Mealworm Risotto.

Over the weekend we’ve been sampling some unusual snacks kindly sent to us from Jimini’s, including their range of flavoured bug boxes and cricket…

The Boozy Brunch - The Big Easy

Food: Big Easy, Covent Garden

If you’re lucky enough to live in Central London or are planning a trip to the capital this Autumn, THE place to eat at weekends right now is Big Easy, a hidden oasis right in the heart of Covent Garden. The attraction? Two words. Bottomless Brunch.

Food: Pizza Express – New Pasta Range

We all know about their pizzas, but now Pizza Express have launched a new range of fresh (take home) pastas based on the flavours of their famous pizzas. Apparently the new range is made using the finest ingredients, including free-range egg pasta.

Food: The Big Mac & Wild

It’s HOT in the city and to celebrate, the winners of the National Burger Awards 2016, Mac & Wild are launching a brand new burger.

Food: Tapas Revolution

Tapas has become this ubiquitous word we (or at least I) use to describe everything that is a small plate of morsels designed to be shared, it evokes a flavour of leisurely lunches, delicious glasses of wine, grazing and most importantly the joys of sharing food with friends and loved ones.