dying laughing kevin smith

Film Review: Dying Laughing

Within the first three minutes of the great new documentary ‘Dying Laughing’ (2017) directed by Paul Toogood and Lloyd Stanton, we have a selection of VERY well known comedian vox pops giving lines on various aspects of their chosen career.

Film Review: Dispossession

The film coherently, diligently and very admirably builds the background to all this using some beautiful vintage imagery, footage and some startlingly concerning info graphics that patiently educates the viewer in what on the surface is an incredibly complex subject, and clearly deliberately complex

John WIck 2 – Keanu Reeves’ Greatest Action Roles

There are few action stars as iconic or that have enjoyed as much longevity as Keanu Reeves. Although he established himself as a star in the stoner comedy, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, he quickly rose up in a series of brilliant action films such as Point Break, Speed and of course, The Matrix.

Film Review: Jawbone

There’s hardly a dearth of boxing movies jabbing for attention, so it can be hard to get the heart racing from excitement when word of a new contender enters the ring.

Film Review: MindHorn

In the ever evolving nature vs nurture of Man, depending on the time that you born into obliviously has a profound effect on the development of your mind-set.

pyramid texts

Film Review: The Pyramid Texts

With little or no money, five days filming (in Repton Boxing Club), but a infinite wealth of passion, belief, talent, fearlessness and justified confidence in their story, this group of individuals have bonded together to make one of the most outstanding movies of the year, and many many years to come.

I am not your negro film review april 2017

Film Review: I Am Not Your Negro

I’m sure like many a soul who is fortunate enough to happen upon the quite exceptional new documentary by seasoned director Raoul Peck ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ (2016) won’t be aware of the voice, words and actions of it’s subject, the equally eminent ringmaster of storytelling (in this case via words) James Baldwin.

Film Review - Neruda 2017

Film Review: Neruda

Set in 1948 Chile, the times are changing daily. The USA is flexing it’s might and characteristically instigating regime change in any country it sees fit, to serve it’s own purpose.

Film Review: The Proud Valley

Depending on your knowledge of the late actor Paul Robeson, it will no doubt have an effect of your experience of this latest gem from the STUDIOCANAL movie colliery. ‘The Proud Valley’ (1940) stars the American actor and renowned bass singer who had the stature of Mohammed Ali in his prime, but rather than hitting with his fists, he knocked people out with the power and depth of his voice, it’s stunning.

The Eyes of My Mother - Film Review

Film Review: The Eyes of My Mother

I’ve no idea if that painting (American Gothic) was an influence on new kid on the horror butcher block Nicolas Pesce’s ‘The Eyes of My Mother’ (2016) but the parents in this horrific pastoral tale bare such a striking resemblance to the painting,

Gleason Movie 2017

Film Review: Gleason

We are also told who our heroes are, or at least who should be according to said media, using these so called noble bastions of excellence to dictate our moral barometers and aspirations. But now and again this control is swept away in the winds of reality, which can blow gently, or storm strong.

Film Review: The Salesman

At the beginning of the (deservedly) Oscar winning ‘The Salesman’ (2016) by Iranian director Asghar Farhadi (who also won an Oscar in 2011 for ‘A Separation’) we see an empty forlorn bed as part of a stage set for a local theatre group’s rendition of ‘Death of A Salesman’ by Arthur Miller.

Get out - Film Review 2017

Film Review: Get Out

A week or so prior to the documentary I saw the brilliantly made and very enjoyable ‘Get Out’ (2017) directed by Jordan Peele. It’s his first time behind the camera, but he’s a highly established and rightly well loved American comedian as part of the sketch show ‘Key & Peele’, both of whom had a very funny turn in last years delight ‘Keanu’ (2016).