Film Review: I Am Not A Serial Killer

here’s a delightfully mischievous visual joke at the beginning of Billy O’Brien’s wonderful dark comedy (axe) slash horror movie ‘I Am Not A Serial Killer’ (2016) that metaphorically immediately lays all it’s cards on the table……

Film Review: Prevenge

There has been some turmoil in Ruth (Alice Lowe) and unborn baby’s life. Recently widowed, the future looks an insurmountable peak, thankfully for Ruth (but not anyone around her) guidance comes from the internal voice of baby who informs her how to slice the pain away, and literally gut and bury the suffering that has been caused.

la-la-land Film Review Jan 2017

Film Review: La La Land

If the performances weren’t enough, the movie is stunningly beautiful looking. To be honest, there’s a visual joke that starts the opening credits harking back to the Golden Age, the second I saw it, I knew I was going to worship this movie, and I did.

Film Review: Kes

There’s something beautifully and tragically Shakespearean about Ken (Kenneth) Loach’s breakthrough movie and ode to the working class ‘Kes’ (1969).

Film Review- Arrival

Film Review: Arrival

There are so many things happening of late that represent the worst of humanity, it can be at times overwhelming when we see the deliberate constant onslaught of suffering, apparent chaos, indifference soundtracked to the angry screams of discontent, dejection, intolerance and mistrust.

Film Review: Train To Busan

For many reasons 2016 has been a horrific year, but weirdly enough a great year for horror. No doubt seeping up from the infected pool of global stress, fear and panic perpetuated by the relentless dark rain of mass media.

Film REview - Ken Loach i Daniel Blake

Film Review: I, Daniel Blake

How To Dehumanise A Nation “I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.” John Locke As absolutely heart…

TV Review: Crazyhead

When Two Tribes Go To War What is it about strong inspirational funny as hell amazing demon arse kicking awesome women? You wait for…

american Honey Film Review

Film Review: American Honey

Rites Of Passengers Even though it’s a technique that the extremely talented writer, director Andrea Arnold has used before in some of her previous…

Film Review: War on Everyone

On punched paper, or maybe on a bruised computer screen, whichever format the incredible writer/director talent that is John Michael McDonagh chooses to stare down his words on when building his brutally dark yet instantly relatable worlds, the concept and talents that were being wrangled together/harnessed for his latest cinematic rodeo ‘War On Everyone’ (2016) was a dead cert to win.

Film Review: The Greasy Strangler

I’m not about to place the creators of mind lubricating genius of ‘The Greasy Strangler’ (2016) on the same pedestal as the masters who have moved on this year, it’s a wee bit early for that. But even the great masters were inspired by many many things, and there is just so much creativity going on in this movie that I’ve zero doubt it will inspire future wonderment/warpedment.

Film Review: Under The Shadow

You Have Everything To Fear, And Fear Itself Horror like Sci-Fi works best when it’s weeping, trembling core is closer to the societal zeitgeist…

Film Review: The Almodóvar Collection

here can’t be that many directors who encapsulate the pulse, the beating, unbridled, flamenco stomping fiery passion of their homeland such Spanish director (screenwriter, producer, actor, though he claims he’s quite bad at the last bit) Pedro Almodóvar.