The Machines Behind The Movie

The Machines Behind The Movie

Sitting down at the cinema to enjoy the latest release is a lot of people’s favourite way to spend a Saturday afternoon. However most people don’t even consider what goes on behind the scenes. We explore some of the different machines used to make the masterpieces you enjoy at the cinema.

Men’s Fashion: Looking The Part In 2018

Men often have a hard time knowing whether they are being fashionable, but for anyone who is serious about doing so all it takes is to pay attention to the current trends and find your own way to integrate them.

Stay On Trend

The seasons are ever changing, and so is fashion. If you’re into your style, you’ll know how hard it is to try and stay…

Separating Fact & Fiction On The Screen

When you find a TV show that you’re really in love with, it’s hard not to immerse yourself in it. Sometimes, the characters can feel like they’d be great friends to you in real life, or would make an incredible boyfriend. But you have to remember, that it’s really all fiction.

Five Facts About Electricity

Electricity rules our lives. Without electricity, all of the modern world’s inventions and advantages would disappear overnight. Given how reliant we are on the current* situation, why not get to know electricity, and how it interacts with your life, better by browsing through these facts?

Is It Too Soon to Get BOTOX®?

As I was brushing up on pop culture the other day, I came across an article on about Amber Rose being shamed for getting BOTOX injections. A particular comment from one of her fans struck me, “You’re not old. Why?”

Awesome Uses For VR You Won’t Believe

It’s fair to say that VR has certainly taken off on the market. VR technology is quickly becoming one of the most important pieces of tech today. But you might be surprised what this technology can actually be used for. Indeed, once you do a little research, you’ll discover that VR is being utilised in a variety of different ways that stretch far beyond video gaming.

Staying Warm & Stylish In Cold Winter Weather

Whether you like it or not, winter is just around the corner, and the cold weather is well and truly here, so it’s time to start digging out your winter coat and the boots that you haven’t worn since last February.