Cars: The new VW Amarok

While the classic pick-up truck has been a firm favourite for decades across the pond, these popular vehicles are currently experiencing a popularity boom here in the UK

4 dot customisable number plates

Fourdot – Pimp your Plates

If you’re still for a great Christmas gift for the person that has everything have a look at these cool, road legal number plates from Fourdot. Available for a wide range of cars and fully customisable to fit with the drivers personality, the high grade acrylic tailor-made number plates.

Video: Volvo Driverless Technology

The way we drive cars is going to change dramatically in the next 20 years and if you’re in any doubt here’s a new video from Volvo showing off their upcoming autonomous driving technology.

Sponsored Video: Lexus + Will.I.Am #thatPOWER has always been a bit of a geek. Way before he sat on a revolving chair on ‘The Voice’ techno giants Intel Corp employed him as ‘Director of creative innovation’, which sounds like a pretty fun title for a musician.

Cars: The Rolls-Royce Wraith Coupé

It’s the sort of car you could drive to the ends of the Earth – and back, should the mood so take you. The kind of car that, once in its sumptuous clutches you would never want to get out of – for each, and all – of your remaining days.

Cars: The new Lotus Evora 400

Following the official launch at the Geneva Motor Show back in March, Lotus have just announced more information regarding their fastest and most powerful road car ever, the Evora 400.