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Smeg: Any colour as long as it’s…. white?

If you think back not too long ago, EVERY single kitchen appliance on the planet was white, white and more white. And then came SMEG with its 50’s retro designed fridges and kitchen appliances with a bold splash of red, yellows and sky blue. They ripped up the rule book and kitchens were fun, kids laughed and cookies were baked!

Winter Getaway: Weekend Wonders in Lapland

Just about 3 hours away from London with a quick flight, Luosto in Finland will be calling your name for a few months still. It’s the kind of winter magic we can’t find without going a bit further up north – and when you go far enough, you get to feast your eyes on the magical northern lights while ice fishing or chilling out in the back of a dog sledge.

Film Review: Eat Locals on DVD from 30th October

Jason Flemyng’s directorial debut ‘Eat Locals’ is an after-dark tale of vampires, the army and Annette Crosbie from ‘One Foot in the Grave ‘brandishing a serious piece of weaponry to deadly effect.

The 6 best songs to help you drift off to sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead to all kinds of misery – from instant effects like irritability, headaches and stress to more long-term consequences like depression, obesity and even heart disease. No matter what age you are, you need a certain amount of sleep.

Fix Up, Look Sharp: Smarten Your Hip-hop Style

Hip-hop fashion has been evolving for years, although not necessarily in a single direction. If you look at the men in the business now, you’ll notice a huge range of styles, from simple and casual to flashy and sometimes a bit weird.

Travel Essentials For A Trip To Spain

Spain is a beautiful country and one often visited by tourists from all over the world. If you intend to visit Marbella, Madrid, or any other city or town in Spain in the near future, then it’s likely that you’ve started to think of the things that you will need to pack.